Anamnesis out now on Fluere Tapes

New album Anamnesis is out now, digital/cassette edition on Fluere Tapes. Available on my bandcamp too. Six songs inspired by the platonic idea of reminiscence.


New interview on Inner Islands

A conversation about the Path of the Sun project with Inner Travels was posted on the Inner Islands site. We talked about the creation process of the album but also about collaboration, improvisation, philosophy, among other things. The interview can be read here: https://www.innerislands.com/pots-inconversation2021.html


Path of the Sun out now on Inner Islands

Path of the Sun, my collaborative project with Steve Targo (aka Inner Travels) is out now on the Inner Islands label, where you can stream and purchase the digital album and the cassette. There are some copies available from my bandcamp as well.


Path of the Sun pre-order

A collaboration album with Steve Targo (Inner Travels) will be released on Inner Islands on January 11th 2021. Path of the Sun is a project we have been working on for two years, a challenge that has taken us on a journey beyond our respective projects. Digital and cassette can be pre-ordered now from Inner Islands


Asphodel Meadows out now on Geology Records

New album Asphodel Meadows is out now on Geology Records, available as a batch-duo with new Cloudsound.


Interview on Votive Landscapes

This is the original English interview with Sergey Kudelin from the Votive Landscapes blog on VK, where it was posted in Russian in January 2020.


New album Asphodel Meadows pre-order

New album Asphodel Meadows will be released on digital and cassette on Geology Records, June 19. Pre-order is live now.